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This year, the Canadian Association of Spanish Language Scholars and Creators will be dedicating its annual Homage and Exhibition to my work as a writer, educator and activist! I feel extremely honoured by this recognition, particularly as it comes from colleagues that I respect and admire. At the same time, it reminds me once again that we artists do not work and live in a vacuum; in fact, we are embedded in and are nourished by our communities.


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Born in Valdivia, Chile, bilingual writer Carmen Rodríguez came to Canada as a political exile in 1974. She is the author of Guerra Prolongada/Protracted War (Women’s Press, 1992), a bilingual volume of poetry; and a body to remember with/De Cuerpo Entero (Arsenal Pulp Press/Editorial Los Andes, 1997), a collection of short stories; and Retribution (Women’s Press Literary, 2011), a novel.

De Cuerpo Entero was awarded an Honorary Mention of Santiago’s “Premio Municipal de Literatura” in 1998, while and a body to remember with was a finalist for the Vancouver Book Award, also in 1998. Retribution obtained second place in the Best Popular Novel category of the 2012 International Latino Book Awards in New York.

Chiles Døtre, the Norwegian translation of Retribution was released in the fall of 2013 by Juritzen Forlag of Oslo. Its Spanish version, El Desquite, is forthcoming. In addition to being a writer, Rodríguez has worked extensively as an educator and journalist. Until recently, she taught in the Latin American Studies Program of Simon Fraser University and was Vancouver correspondent for the Spanish language section of Radio Canada International.

Carmen Rodríguez, 1982

Carmen Rodríguez, La Paz, Bolivia, 1982. Photo: Bob Everton


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Historic Joy Kogawa House, where Carmen Rodríguez did a writer's residency in 2017.
With Joy Kogawa at Historic Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver. May, 2017
With Joy Kogawa and friends at Historic Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver. May, 2017.
At Historic Joy Kogawa House, facilitating a group discussion with writer Carol Shaben. April, 2017.
Carmen Rodriguez and Arundhati Roy, Vancouver, March 31,2014
Carmen Rodriguez in Oslo with Elisabeth Kielland Haug of Juritzen Forlag. November, 2013.
Carmen Rodriguez with Chiles Døtre at an Oslo Bookstore. November, 2013.
Carmen Rodriguez with Gloria Miqueles in London. Gloria was one of the organizers of Carmen's presentation in that city.October, 2013.
With Arve Juritzen and Juritzen Forlag staff, celebrating the launch of Chiles Døtre.
Carmen Rodriguez at the San Miguel de Allende Writers Festival, 2013.
Members of the
Los Angeles, California book-club Westside Bookies enjoys a Chilean meal as they discuss RETRIBUTION. December, 2013.
Carmen Rodriguez with Edward James Olmos at the Latino Book and Family Festival, October 13, 2012, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, California.
Carmen Rodriguez at the Word on the Street Festival in Vancouver. September, 2012.
At the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group's Conference. February, 2012.
With writer William Gordon and friend, Puerto Vallarta Writers Group's Conference. February, 2012.
With writer Cynthia Flood. November, 2011.
With Radio Canada International colleagues Leonora Chapman, Paloma Martínez, Pablo Gómez Barrios and Christian Sida-Valenzuela, and participants in a special broadcast from Vancouver. February, 2011.
With writers Nancy Richler, Lydia Kwa and Angela Hryniuk. January, 1999.
Carmen Rodriguez receiving the City of Santiago Literary Award (Honorary Mention). July, 1998.
Carmen Rodriguez at the Word on the Street Festival in Vancouver. September, 1990.
Carmen Rodriguez with members of the SDM writers' and artists' group
Carmen Rodriguez with artist Nora Patrich
Carmen Rodriguez Facilitating workshops with First Nations literacy instructors, 1990
Carmen in Vancouver, with her brother, poet Nelson Rodríguez. October, 1991.
Carmen Rodriguez at a pow-wow in Alkali Lake, BC, 1986
Carmen Rodriguez, Mexico, 1982
Carmen Rodriguez in Vancouver, Carmen Rodríguez participates in a twelve-day hunger strike in solidarity with relatives of disappeared political prisoners in Chile. June, 1978.
Carmen Rodriguez with Resistencia, Vancouver-based Chilean musical ensemble. Carmen Rodríguez is not the blonde woman. 1978.
Carmen Rodríguez, second from the left, with Vancouver-based Chilean musical ensemble Cormorán. 1975.
Carmen Rodriguez, Valdivia, Chile. May, 1973.

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